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Creative sewing patterns are affordable, easy to find and they help anyone become an artist. Whether you’ve just purchased your first sewing machine or you’re a long-time expert, here are some free or paid patterns for your creative enjoyment.

Pillow patterns for your child’s room

Creative sewing patterns for pillows

Kids pillows aren’t exactly hard to find, but their price is too high considering that children get bored of them easily or manage to tear them apart in a matter of days. A great of way of adding a bit of cozyness to your child’s room without wasting a lot of money is to make cute pillows yourself using these pillow patterns. They look adorable and unique, and if you were to buy them from stores you wouldn’t pay less than $20 on one. After practicing on these basic moon, star and cloud shapes, you’ll be able to sew more intricate designs too!

Cute clothes for pets

Creative sewing patterns for pets cloths

Our furry friends need to stay warm in the winter too! If you find conventional pet clothes too bland for your liking, then have a look at these awesome patterns for fleece pet clothes. You will learn to make hats and coats for puppies and kittens in sizes S-L. Just be prepared to deal with all the people who will stop just to play with your adorable pet!

Mermaid blanket sewing pattern

Creative sewing patterns

If your idea of a good Sunday morning is to stay in bed and read a good book while sipping from a cup of hot chocolate, then you need a mermaid blanket in your life. You can get the sewing pattern here and you’ll be amazed just how easy it is to make. If you’re not an expert, you can start with one piece of fabric, but if you’re no stranger to such projects, then feel free to experiment with various patterns and colors. We recommend the Janome HD3000 sewing machine if you want to use this sewing pattern.

Tote shopping bag

Creative sewing patterns bags

Aren’t you tired of wasting your change on plastic bags that you never use twice? Then switch things up with this eco-friendly tote bag! You can do it yourself in a couple of hours using this sewing pattern, but it will last you hundreds of trips to the supermarket. Make sure you use thicker materials, because you don’t want it to break if you add a lot of products in it.

Sweetheart dress

Creative sewing patterns for kids

This DIY adorable sweetheart dress is the perfect gift for your little princess. It has a regular cut at the front, but at the back it has a heart-shaped cut that looks understated yet unique. You can only get the pattern on this page, not the actual dress, but don’t worry because it’s not difficult to make. Once you get the hang of it, you can apply the same method to make heart shaped cuts on your dresses too.

What are your favorite creative sewing patterns? Let us know in the comments if you have some unique ideas of your own!


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