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Do you like embroidered clothes? If the answer is “yes”, then you should get your grandmother’s sewing machine from the attic and start doing them by yourself, because buying embroidered clothes might cross your budget a little. White shirts are the best canvas for this purpose, and you have a few at home, then you can start right now. Oh, you might not know what embroidery and sewing options you have, and what designs are in trend right now. Well let’s just say that everything you like is in trend. From colorful flowers to black crosses, every little detail can be used to embroider a white shirt. Take a look at the following ideas we have found online, and who knows you might even discover a new hobby!

Flower, flowers, flowers – embroidery and sewing ideas

Embroidery and sewing designs

Are you a fan of big, bold embroideries? You only need green, orange, blue and red threads, and a source of inspiration as the one below, and you can start creating your model. Sew two big red roses in the center of the blouse, two or three smaller ones in orange and fill the left space between them with small blue flowers and green leafs.

Embroidered collar top

cool Embroidery and sewing designs

So, do you want to add a little pop of style to your simple white shirt? Embroider the collar top with an embellished butterfly in black, which features colored dots on the wings. And if you are looking for a funny design, feline fatale collar tips are a great option. Other idea would be to sew a black embroidery writing on every of the collar tips.

Bohemian embroideries

sewing designs

Now is time to take sewing to the nest level. So make sure that you have a professional sewing machine. Take that bohemian blouse from the closet and bring it to life. Sew on its sleeves some geometrical sleeves in a red bold color, and combine it with a neutral tone of white or black.

Ethnic back embroideries

Embroidery and sewing

A white blouse with a back twist is exactly what you need to make a statement with your outfit. Floral ethnic embroideries always amaze with their complexity.

White floral embroideries on nude shirts

Embroidery and sewing designs

There is nothing classier than floral embroideries on a white or sky blue blouse. Let the model extend toward the sleeves and even take over the entire fabric of the shirt.

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