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Have you just purchased a sewing machine? Good for you, now you have the possibility to handle a lot of DIY projects, and even save some money when your clothes and garments get damaged, because you do not have to take them to the tailor anymore. But, when it comes to sewing, you might think that if you do not have skills, you would find difficult to create amazing pieces of art. Well, the thing is that you only need some inspiration and you have to take a look at these great sewing ideas suggested by experts. Expert tailors have understood that there are people who would like to take use of their sewing machines, but they do not know where to start, so they have designed some easy projects, that take no more than an hour and could help you sharp your skills. Take a look below and see which one of the following ideas seems more interesting for you.

Things to sew in less than an hour - great sewing ideas 1

Great sewing ideas for fashion passionate persons

So you are the type of person who has a fashion blog, and you want to share with your readers some ideas, on what items they could use to impress their friends? Well, what do you say about a unique bookmark? You have the possibility to choose whatever piece of fabric you like, and with a model that would suite your style, and create a bookmark. For example, if you like the girly style, you can choose a pink fabric which features white dots, and sew on its edges a little piece of lace. You can craft a key chain holder from the same fabric, and have matching items. You would need a little piece of fabric, which would be designed in a bag, where you can store your keys, for not making than annoying sound, when carrying them in your purse. For all these things, you would need only a professional sewing machine.

Things to sew in less than an hour - great sewing ideas

Useful sewing ideas

After doing these simple items, you should create larger items, as bags, and laptop covers. Who does not want a new bag? Therefore, you should select the fabric you would like your purse to be made of, and choose the size and shape of the bag and start sewing it. If you want to combine two different fabrics or the same fabric but in two different colors, you would only have to decide before starting to sew the purse, for cutting the fabric in the required form. Laptop covers are expensive if it would be to buy them from a local store, or even from an online one, and in the majority of cases, you would find difficult to find one, featuring the model you like. Therefore, you can take a look online on other laptop covers DIY projects, and see which one you like and try to recreate it by yourself. When you are confident in your skills, you can start creating clothing articles for you and your family. You can start with a basic one, a scarf, because you would only need a piece of fabric, which is sewed on the sides. Also, if you are looking at a tutorial, you would notice that it is not hard to sew even a tulle skirt, so who knows, you might even discover some hidden talents.

great sewing ideas
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