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Maybe curiosity or the desire of creating a variety of new items by yourself pushed you to buying a sewing machine. Which is great. But now, you are facing the dilemma where can you acquire all the necessary supplies from. But this is not particularly an issue, since a variety of suppliers have an online version of their stores. This is an accessible way of purchasing all the necessary accessories for you little projects, from threads, to zippers and fancy details. Below are some online retailers able to answer all needs a beginner might have that we could identify.

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1., the almighty supplier of everything

The great thing about is that you can find literally everything you might need on it. And yes, it has a Sewing Notions and Supplies category, where you can find all bits and pieces, from mannequins, to bobbins and tape measures. All subcategories are tidy and accessible, making the search process a lot easier. Alternatively, if you still don’t know what you are looking for, simply type in the search box a term and see what the results are.

2., an online sewing superstore

Online stores - Where a beginner

The largest sewing supplier on the West Coast provides for more than thirty years textiles and garments beginners might find interesting. With a well-organized web store, even rookies can find by category all the supplies they are interested in. From threads, to elastics, to fancy details, sewing machine needles and scissors, this easy to navigate website has them all! Of course, for ordering you need an account, but since when is this an issue?

3. At you can find affordable and fun supplies]

Online stores - Where a beginner3

A DIY enthusiast’s dream came true, this web store surely has all the supplies for scrapbooking, quilting and sewing, and a blog section as well. A little inspiration never hurt anybody, and before ordering your supplies you can spy on what ideas others might have. And, like any respectable online store deserves, this website’s design is fun, tidy and intuitive, for a smoother search process.

4. has plenty of sewing accessories as well

Getting crafty on a budget? Then this website is a great alternative for finding affordable and fun accessories and supplies for your crafty little projects. Their Sewing Supplies category is fairly generous, and you can find everything from colorful buttons, fun pincushions, to super jumbo yarn, for your super jumbo blanket or scarf. Their quilting subcategory might interest you, equally.

5. – the arts and crafts supplier

Online stores - Where a beginner4

We surely love this online store, since it covers so many domains of sewing, from sewing machines, to cross stiches and needles, sewing machine tables and fabric cutters. A complete collection of supplies a beginner or professional might need, this web store also has a simple and witty design, making the process of searching for supplies enjoyable.

These are some of the suppliers that caught our attention in terms of sewing accessories and products. Make sure you take a look at each of them before ordering.

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